Timber Trail's Emma (Call Name - "Emmie")

Born October 3, 2014

Emmie came from Timber Trails Kennel in Connecticut and has grown into a beautiful girl and a relentless hunter! Even as a young pup, Emmie was not afraid of the older dogs, and would stand nose to nose with Angus and although he'll growl at her - he usually would have a treat or a bone that she wanted - as soon as he looked away or ducked his head, she’d grab his treat and run off! We've never seen such a brave puppy as Emmie and all that confidence as a pup allowed her to grow into a confident, strong hunter/retriever as she got older.

When Emmie was 18 months we bred her with Angus and she didn’t get pregnant so we thought she was just too young. We bred her again at 2 years old and then again at 2.5 using different males but with the same results, no puppies. Unfortunately this happens sometimes with dogs just as with humans, and for whatever reason this beautiful girl with so many outstanding traits we would have liked to pass on was unable to get pregnant. We were so fortunate to find a home for Emmie where she is hunted regularly and is the center of attention – we’re sure she’s so happy and know she is very loved. Her owner generously sends us pictures of Emmie and keeps us updated, so you’ll continue to see pictures of Emmie as we are very proud of her and of the excellent dog she is today!